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Glacier Bay Serenity DVD
Glacier Bay Serenity DVD
The Glacier Bay Serenity DVD is the one hour DVD video that puts the Glacier Bay wilderness in right in your home. It is different there is no narration, no talking heads. Just you and the Alaskan wilds - peaceful acoustic music and slowly panning scenes from remote and spectacular locations in Glacier Bay National Park.

There are over 60 panoramic photos in Glacier Bay Serenity. We had about 140 pans to choose from. Some of the longer pans take over a minute to view. Between pans are photos that help set the stage for the next pan. The DVD runtime is a little over an hour.

The DVD video was designed for widescreen TV, the format is 16:9. The video format is NTSC standard resolution. We hope to have a high-definition version of the program available soon.

High resolution
The DVD also contains a high resolution executable that will play on a PC computer at a resolution of 1920x1080, which is effectively high definition.

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DVD Ice in our backyard

DVD "Ice in our Backyard"
500 spectacular photos in 5 digital shows viewable on TV or PC

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