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Bad Drives

Bad drive? Don't stress!  In the first year of use, we will replace it, quickly and easily!  Just email us at



  • the date you purchased the flash drive
  • the location where you purchased it (store or cruise ship name)
  • a photo of the flash drive itself OR a photo of the receipt

Glacier Bay is an amazing place - we've created the drive to help share this stunning landscape with all of you.  We don't want a simple electronic malfunction to taint your experience.  We'll get you a new one, tested by one of us personally, ASAP, usually in a day or two.

If you want you can simply mail us the drive and we'll send you a new one. Here is our mailing address:

Sean Neilson Media
PO BOX 268
Gustavus AK 99826

Can't get it to work?

Some folks expect the drive to 'do something'. It does not run any programs, there is no setup. When the drive is put in your computer's USB port a dialog box should open on your computer asking you what to do - you need to browse the drive in your file explorer.  In the root of the drive there is a file called 'Start_Here.html'. If you double click on this file it should open in your internet browser.  It contains all the info needed to use the drive.

The Glacier Bay Explorer flash drive is produced in Gustavus, Alaska

Still got questions? No problem! Contact us directly at: flash drive support email link

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