Glacier Bay Explorer


This flash drive contains 440 digital photos of Glacier Bay National Park and Southeast Alaska taken by 19 local explorers and photographers. These photos can be added directly to your computer photo album from the folder:  High Resolution jpgs The digital file name starts with a number. Numbers 401 to 464 are standard aspect photos new in 2020 and numbers 601 to 632 are panorama photos new to the drive in 2020.

Our captions bring these photos to life! We feel incredibly lucky to live and play in this amazing wilderness. With these words and photos we try to share our experiences with you. Each of us has our own writing and photographic style – in some ways it is as if you are exploring Glacier Bay with 19 different personal guides.


The photos and captions are best viewed from the Photo Galleries. Each caption thumbnail is linked to the high-resolution jpg. Just click on the caption photo to see the full-resolution photo. The photo name will appear in your browser's address bar. The captions with low resolution photos can also be viewed on the web at Glacier Bay Explorer

Purchase of this flash drive licenses you to use these photos and captions for personal and educational uses but not for profit. The Creative Commons license agreement is available on the web. For commercial use of these photos please contact us:

The Glacier Bay Explorers and Photographers

Bill Eichenlaub
Sean Neilson
Nathan Borson
Tom Bergman
Amanda McCutcheon
Greg Streveler
Tim Rains
Craig Murdoch
Richard Becker
Denny Capps
Nat Drumheller
Mark Jefferson
Erin McKittrick
Emily Mount
Cody Edwards
Jim Mackovjak
Karen Colligan-Taylor
Elizabeth Flory
Fay Schaller

Most of these photos were taken with digital cameras. In a few cases we are lucky to have contributors who witnessed some of the amazing changes that Glacier Bay is famous for and recorded them on film. Check out Greg Streveler's scanned slide of Plateau Glacier from 1967 - a wall of tidewater glacier where today there is only water. And don't miss Karen Colligan-Taylor's great shots of McBride and Muir Glaciers. When possible, we've tried to pair these older photos with a recent image. 

About 350 of these photos were taken within the boundaries of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. The remaining were taken in various Southeast Alaska settings that are noted in each caption.


Photo captions were reviewed by Greg Streveler, author of “The Natural History of Gustavus” and Glacier Bay explorer extraordinaire for the past 40 years.

All 440 photos on the drive have captions in English. Over 300 photos (numbers 001 to 344) have captions in English, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. The "Todas" Spanish gallery contains all photos with only Spanish captions. The other Spanish language galleries contain both the Spanish and English versions of the captions. Multi-language caption pages are also available from topic galleries in the Chinese and Japanese pages.

The English captions, as well as the photographer's name and copyright notice, are embedded in each photo's metadata. Depending on the capabilities of your photo viewing software, you may be able to see the captions directly.  


Most of the photos on the drive are between 2K and 4K resolution, with the long edge about 2560 pixels or greater in length. The intent is to provide good digital photos for viewing on a high definition TV and to ensure that good prints can be made at a size of 8x12 inches. We do not want to compete with professional photographers working in Glacier Bay. These photos are not high enough quality for high-end professional use. However, best use of the panoramas, photos 601-632, are as large printed posters. Hence the resolution of the panoramas is considerably higher than the other photos on the flash drive.

You will also find a folder on the flash drive named /Xtras. This folder contains public domain documents about Glacier Bay. Items especially useful are the park brochure with an excellent map, species checklists with scientific names and information about bear-human interactions.


The "High Resolution jpgs" numbered 001 to 344 are arranged in a loose geographic loop. It starts at the mouth of Glacier Bay, heads north up the bay, across to the Alsek River drainage and down river to the Gulf of Alaska. From there it heads south along the outer coast of the park, and back around through Cross Sound to the mouth of Glacier Bay, with occasional jumps into the mountains.

We've tried to capture it all -- the wildlife, the glaciers and the wilderness. Putting the high-resolution photos in geographical order means they may seem "all mixed up." You may have to do a little exploring on your own to find exactly what you want, but hopefully you'll make some unexpected discoveries along the way--which is what Glacier Bay is all about.

Glacier Bay Explorer is brought to you by Bill Eichenlaub and Sean Neilson and is a production of Cross Sound Innovations and Sean Neilson Media, Gustavus Alaska, 2020. Enjoy!