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Glacier Bay Explorer flashdriveWelcome to Glacier Bay Explorer

The Glacier Bay Explorer flash drive contains over 440 high resolution photos and captions of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve and Southeast Alaska taken by 17 local explorers and photographers.  This internet preview version contains low resolution, watermarked copies of 200 photos from the drive.  

Captions bring these photos to life! We feel incredibly lucky to live and play in this amazing wilderness. Our captions try to share our experiences with you. Each of us has their own writing and photographic style – in some ways it is as if you are exploring Glacier Bay with 17 different personal guides. The internet version of these photos and captions can be viewed from the Photo Galleries.

Purchase of the flash drive licenses you to use these photos for personal and educational uses but not for profit. The flashdrive photos are licensed under the  Creative Commons license agreement. For commercial use of these photos please contact us via this email : 
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The Glacier Bay Explorers and Photographers
Bill Eichenlaub
Sean Neilson
Nathan Borson
Tom Bergman
Amanda McCutcheon
Greg Streveler
Tim Rains
Craig Murdoch
Richard Becker
Denny Capps
Mark Jefferson
Emily Mount
Nat Drumheller
Cody Edwards
Jim Mackovjak
Karen Colligan-Taylor
Fay Schaler

Glacier_Bay_Explorer_Flash_DriveAll photo captions were reviewed by Greg Streveler, author of “The Natural History of Gustavus” and Glacier Bay explorer extraordinaire for the last 40 years.

The High Resolution jpgs are arranged in a loose geographic loop starting at the mouth of Glacier Bay,
heading north up the bay, across to the Alsek River drainage, down-river to the Gulf of Alaska, south along the outer coast of the park and back around through Cross Sound to the mouth of Glacier Bay, with occasional jumps into the mountains.

Glacier Bay Explorer is brought to you by Bill Eichenlaub and Sean Neilson - a production of Cross Sound Innovations and Sean Neilson Media, Gustavus Alaska, 2010. Enjoy!

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Purchase details:
Flashdrive are US $32 each.  Send us a check to the address on our 
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